Digital Support

We know many things these days rely on being online, and this can often feel overwhelming at times. Being able to go online can open up a world of support and resources for you as an unpaid carer and can be beneficial for yours and your friend or family member’s health. At Carers Leeds, we offer digital support on a one-to-one basis to anyone who would like to feel a bit more confident using technology.

Whether you’ve never used a device before and want to give it a go, want to be able to book GP appointments online, would like to connect with friends and family, or just fancy trying out a new hobby, we are here to help. Take a look at our resources and handy guides below, which will hopefully leave you feeling more confident to use different features of the internet.

If you would like one-to-one support from this service or have any questions about the resources on this page, please contact 0113 380 4300 or contact Holly, our Digital Inclusion Co-ordinator directly on 07494 272 022.

Our free service provides a series of one-to-one support sessions to empower you to feel confident using technology. We support you in gaining confidence using smart phones, tablets and laptops; as well as helping you learn how to access digital devices. We offer:

  • Help in accessing and using equipment and devices to get online.
  • SIM cards with free data (subject to eligibility).
  • Support to help you to become confident using technology.
  • Referrals to external organisations for more specialist support when required.
  • Support in using online features to promote your health (i.e. help booking GP appointments online, ordering prescriptions, self-managing your condition, or tracking your mental health).
  • Support to help you to shop or sell items online.
  • Support in using different apps or programmes (i.e. games, family tree websites, puzzles, film & TV apps, video calling, or online banking apps).
  • Support in accessing online support groups and events.

Going online can promote your health and can support you and the friend or family member you care for by making it easier to access health services and self-manage your own conditions without needing to travel to seek help. We understand many health services have gone online and this can feel confusing if you do not feel confident accessing these on your own or do not know where to look. Here are some digital health resources that might support you in your caring role:

The NHS app

The NHS app links you up to your local health services:

  • Order repeat prescriptions.
  • Book GP appointments.
  • View your health record (i.e. view allergies or current/past recommendations).
  • Get your NHS COVID pass.
  • Register your organ donation decision.
  • Find out how the NHS uses your data.
  • View your NHS number.

To access this app, download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and create a free account using your NHS details. Watch a guide on registering for the app here.

Note, some GPs across Leeds will require you to register with them directly to access some of the above features, so please check by visiting their official website. Click here to read our guide on registering for online patient services.

My mHealth app

This app is designed for individuals living with COPD, asthma, diabetes, or heart problems who want to self-manage and track their conditions:

  • Perfect your inhaler technique with easy-to-follow videos.
  • Attend educational courses.
  • Learn how to manage your condition.
  • Track your symptoms overtime with an activity log.
  • Check the suitability of your medication according to expert opinion.
  • Read messages from your clinician.
  • Follow your own self-management plan.
  • Track weather pollution.
  • Participate in pulmonary rehabilitation programmes from home.

To access this app, download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and contact your GP to request an authorised log in. Click here for support on how to use the app.


MindWell is a mental health website for people in Leeds. Funded by the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), it brings together information from the NHS, Leeds City Council and the third sector into one single ‘go to’ place to access:

  • Clear, accurate information about support and services available in Leeds.
  • Information about a range of common mental health problems such as anxiety and stress.
  • Self-help information including downloadable resources and videos which can help you to look after your mental health and help yourself to feel better.
  • Help for what to do in a ‘crisis’ or mental health emergency.
  • Support for practical issues such as housing problems or money worries.
  • Information specifically for carers.

Mindshift CBT app

Mindshift CBT is a free anxiety resource to help you manage your anxiety and cope better:

  • Suitable for individuals who experience general worry, phobias, perfectionism, or social anxiety.
  • Submit daily anxiety check ins.
  • Access a thought journal to identify and challenge your anxious thoughts.
  • Read tips to manage anxiety by exercising self-care.
  • Learn how to set up experiments to test out beliefs that fuel anxiety.
  • Build a ‘fear ladder’ and conquer your fears.

To access this app, download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and create a free account using an email and password.

Carers UK Digital Resource

Carers UK have on online digital platform that has lots of helpful information specifically tailored to unpaid carers:

  • Access e-learning, factsheets, guides, and tools to help you manage your caring responsibilities.
  • View local information and resources tailored for carers in Leeds.
  • Support to help you self-manage your own physical and emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Access the Jointly app which makes caring easier by enabling communication and co-ordination between those who share the care.
  • Read information about how to receive financial support, manage someone’s affairs, and think about the future.

To access this digital resource, click here. Create a new account using the Free Access Code DGTl8267 to access all general and Leeds-specific information.

  1. Getting started:
    1. Getting used to your Android device
    2. Getting used to your Apple device
    3. Creating an email address
    4. Downloading apps to your Android device
    5. Downloading apps to your Apple device
    6. Using emails on your Android device
    7. Using emails on your Apple device
    8. Using emails on your PC
    9. Adding contacts to Android
    10. Searching the Web
    11. Sending a text message
    12. IT Glossary A-Z
  2. Video calling friends, family, and support groups:
    1. Downloading Zoom to your PC
    2. Joining Zoom calls on your PC
    3. Joining Zoom calls on your Android or Apple device
    4. Using WhatsApp on your Android device
    5. Using WhatsApp on your Apple device
  3. Using technology to promote your health and wellbeing:
    1. Registering with the NHS app
    2. Booking GP appointments with the NHS app
    3. Ordering repeat prescriptions with the NHS app
    4. Registering for online patient services
    5. Online resources to support your health conditions
    6. Online resources to support your hobbies and interests
    7. Useful podcasts
  4. Online shopping & banking:
    1. Using online banking
    2. Searching for items online
    3. Selling an item on Facebook Marketplace
    4. Setting up a Vinted account
    5. Selling items on Vinted
    6. Staying safe online

Digital Tutorials

Downloading Apps on an Android Device
Using Emails on an Android Device
Using Emails on a Laptop or Computer
NHS App – Registering with the NHS app without Photo ID
NHS App – Registering with the NHS app with Photo ID