Our commitment to carers

We use the term carer to mean ‘someone who, without payment, provides support to a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, dementia, mental health issues or a substance misuse problem cannot manage without their help’.

Carers Leeds will:

  • Recognise and value you in your caring role and treat you with dignity and respect
  • Work with you to identify support you require and where appropriate, and with your permission, signpost you to other services and organisations for additional support.
  • Work with you to offer ‘person centred’ support that recognises your strengths, skills and preferences with regards to your caring role.
  • Listen and act upon feedback we receive from you so that we can improve the service and support we offer.
  • Respect your right to confidentiality and ensure that information that we hold about you is secure.
  • Provide a consistent, quality experience, whoever you deal with.
  • Provide support as promptly as possible and always inform you if you have to wait for further contact.

Carers Leeds Values and Behaviours

At Carers Leeds we are one team, working together to benefit carers. We have a shared set of values and behaviours which guide everything we do. Values are the things we believe are important at Carers Leeds. Behaviours are what we expect staff, trustees and volunteers to do, to enact our values. These values and behaviours apply to how staff, trustees and volunteers interact with each other and the way we work with carers and external partners.

Carers Leeds is a values driven organisation. Our values and behaviours are not just something written on a piece of paper, they are at the heart of the support we offer. It is important that we celebrate where we see and experience behaviours which demonstrate our values. Also, that we challenge when we see and experience behaviours which run counter to our values.


We are honest, fair and speak up.

What we expect
  • We are honest and considerate with each other
  • We do the right thing, even if it is not the easiest thing
  • We keep fairness at the heart of our actions with everyone
  • We respect the confidentiality of sensitive and personal information
  • We speak up when we see things which are not right
What we don’t expect
  • Favouritism towards some at the expense of others
  • Engaging in malicious gossip
  • Not speaking up when something is wrong
  • Being indiscreet
  • Ignoring things which should be raised or acted on

We do what we say we will and take responsibility for our actions.

What we expect
  • We take responsibility for our own actions and recognise that we and others make mistakes
  • We are open to feedback and willing to offer feedback to others
  • We do our best to do what we say what we are going to do
What we don’t expect
  • Blaming others for our mistakes and taking credit for other’s actions
  • Over promising
  • Not doing the job properly

We value differences and take action to reduce exclusion.

What we expect
  • We value equality, diversity and inclusion
  • We have an open mind and heart that invites and embraces difference
  • We are willing to challenge ourselves, as well as the behaviours and actions of others
What we don’t expect
  • Not treating people as individuals and disrespecting the beliefs, culture and decisions of others
  • Judging others and forming biases based on Protected Characteristics
  • Ignoring things that should be raised or acted upon

We value and listen to each other

What we expect
  • We are respectful in our language and actions
  • We consider the impact we have on others
  • We say thank you and celebrate success
What we don’t expect
  • Speaking in a rude and dismissive manner
  • Not listening and regarding the opinions of others as unimportant or irrelevant
  • Criticising and undermining others

We continually improve through listening, learning and innovation.

What we expect
  • We are punctual and take pride in our own and our team’s work
  • We demonstrate a positive professional attitude in everything we do
  • We understand carers’ needs and always strive to improve
What we don’t expect
  • Unwillingness to want to learn and improve
  • Displaying a negative attitude towards colleagues and carers
  • Focusing on problems rather than solutions

We are friendly, caring and considerate

What we expect
  • We treat ourselves and others how we would like to be treated
  • We empathise with others
  • We are considerate of others and ourselves
What we don’t expect
  • Treating ourselves and others in an uncaring way
  • Showing a lack of concern about other people’s feelings
  • Acting disinterested in what people have to say

We support, trust and promote empowerment to make a difference

What we expect
  • We are carer-focused and seek to empower ourselves, colleagues and carers
  • We enable others to reach their goals and full potential
  • We encourage carers to find solutions to promote their independence and confidence
What we don’t expect
  • Taking over and making decisions without considering other people’s wishes
  • Undermining other people’s decisions or opinions that we disagree with
  • Dominating a conversation and not allowing others to participate

Our Agreement between Carers Leeds and our employees, volunteers and trustees:

At Carers Leeds we want to provide the best information, advice and support to carers, via employees, volunteers and trustees who are skilled and motivated. We aim to treat our employees, volunteers and trustees in line with our ethos and values, and we expect everyone to engage with and commit to our values.

Carers Leeds side of this Agreement is that we will:
  • Provide a safe and friendly working environment
  • Ensure roles are interesting and stimulating
  • Show you that you are appreciated and valued
  • Encourage you to develop and grow
  • Treat you with respect, honesty and fairness
  • Respect your individuality
  • Care for your health and wellbeing
  • Create a safe space for staff to speak out when things are not right
Your side of the Agreement is that you will:
  • Work to your best on behalf of carers
  • Always treat each other with respect
  • Have a can do and positive attitude at work
  • Reflect our values in everything you do
  • Work in line with our agreed process and ways of working
  • Be an ambassador for Carers Leeds at all times
  • Speak out if things are not right
Carers Leeds Values and Behaviours