Carers Assessments

Carers have a legal entitlement to a carers assessment even if the person they care for doesn’t want or need services themselves.

Carers who don’t already have a social worker or other Adult Social Care staff member involved with the family, can ask for a carers assessment by contacting Carers Leeds via the Advice Line on 0113 380 4300. The assessment will be carried out by Adult Social Care Staff who are based at Carers Leeds Offices. You can also have a home visit if you prefer.

How can an assessment help?

A carers assessment will give you the opportunity to go through a range of different issues you may face in your life and information and advice will be offered on dealing with problems. You get the chance to take an over view of the caring situation and then focus on any particular problems that need addressing.
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Carers Leeds supports unpaid carers:

Carers Advice Line: 0113 380 4300
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