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The Carers Leeds Befriending service supports carers aged 16+ who are caring for someone in the home or when the person being cared for has moved in to a care home within the last 3 months. We also support carers who have been recently bereaved.  

Carers are supported by a trained befriending volunteer offering confidential fortnightly support. This could be face to face in the local community, by telephone or by zoom at a convenient time for the carer, the sessions are for one hour. The carer has 12 sessions with their befriending volunteer and the support last for 6 months. Carers who are house bound due to their caring role or own health issues can be offered 24 sessions. The support is reviewed on a regular basis by the Befriending Co-ordinator with the volunteer and the carer.  

Befriending NetworksOur trained volunteer befrienders enable carers to:-

  • Talk about their caring role
  • Talk about their health
  • Improve their wellbeing
  • Make social contacts in their local area
  • Share their worries and concerns

To find out more or if you would like support from the service, please contact Gayle Pannett, Carers Befriending Co-ordinator gayle.pannett@carersleeds.org.uk or call 0113 380 4300.

You can view our carers befriending leaflet here.

Here is some feedback from previous carers who have used the service:

My befriender helped me a lot. I feel like my confidence is better. She has also made me feel that there are good people out there that do really care.’

‘I feel like a different person, the difference is amazing. I’ve used the money (time for carers grant) to have a regular massage. It’s lovely and this week I even walked home so I could notice the scenery. I love having the confidence to volunteer at the florist and it has helped my confidence having ‘girls’ to talk to again. You have made an amazing difference.’

Carers Leeds supports unpaid carers:

Carers Advice Line: 0113 380 4300
Carers Advice Email: advice@carersleeds.org.uk