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The team at Carers Leeds have been working with and for carers since 1996. Whilst each caring situation is unique, there are some common themes that our carers support workers have found over the years (carers often not putting themselves first, not having time to rest, having a decline in health over time).

We’re working hard to ensure that carers health is a top priority (how many times have we been told that you cant pour from an empty cup) and the team have come together to share their recommended reading/watching/listening for carers in Leeds.

Take a look at these resources below. Get in touch if you think there’s something that other carers would find useful and we’ll add it to the list.

Caring for another person can be fulfilling, exciting, enjoyable, but also tiring and stressful. Taking a break from your responsibilities is important so you can recharge and look after your health. Breaks can take many different forms and taking half an hour out of your daily routine to read your favourite book can make a huge difference to your wellbeing.

Leeds Libraries have many of these books available to loan or through their free e-book/audiobook app so be sure to check out their website or visit a library near you if you have a spare moment.

Whether you read to learn, unwind or simply lose yourself, these book are a mix of caring related, educational and books to make you feel good. If you have a favourite book you think should be on this list, let us know

Recommended reading

  • Finding peace in a frantic world by Danny Penman
  • Mindfulness for Carers: How to Manage the Demands of Caregiving While Finding a Place for Yourself by Cheryl Rezek
  • Radical Acceptance: Awakening the Love that Heals Fear and Shame by Tara Brach
  • Prajna: Ayurvedic Rituals for Happiness by Mira Manek
  • Lost Connections: Why you’re depressed and how to find hope by Johann Hari
  • How to be a person in the world: Ask Polly’s Guide through the Paradoxes of Modern Life by Heather Havrilesky
  • The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson
  • The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy
  • Cooking On A Bootstrap by Jack Monroe
  • Happy by Fearne Cotton
  • Tender: The Imperfect Art of Caring by Penny Wincer
  • The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur
  • It’s Not OK to Feel Blue (and Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis
  • Becoming by Michelle Obama
  • How to Fail – Elizabeth Day
  • A Living Loss – Julia Samuels
  • Unlocking Us – Brené Brown
  • Gurls Talk – Adwoa Aboah
  • Food Psych Podcast – Christy Harrison
  • Tara Brach (by Tara Brach)
  • Terrible, thanks for asking

Jo’s health and wellbeing tips: Carers good health – Jos tips – YouTube

TED Talk – The Space between Self-Esteem and Self-compassion by Kristin Neff:

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