Carer awareness training for staff in primary care

Jo Jenner, Carer awareness trainer

We have an established carer awareness training programme and we deliver sessions to staff based in GP practices or community based health staff. These sessions are designed to help staff understand the vital role that carers play in healthcare, how to identify and support carers and an overview of the services that Carers Leeds can offer.

The training will:
• Explain who carers are and what they do
• Look at the impact of caring on carer’s health
• Help you to identify carers in primary care
• Look at how primary care can support carers
• Give you an overview of Carers Leeds services
• Explain how to make a referral to Carers Leeds using our Yellow Card Scheme

We can also:
• Help to create and update your carers’ noticeboard
• Provide you with a GP Practice Carers Tool-kit
• Discuss setting up appointment-based clinics for carers
• Discuss the Leeds Commitment to Carers and help GP practices to achieve the NHS quality markers for supporting carers in primary care.

For more information about training contact Jo Jenner – or call 0113 380 4300.