Last week we held an event at Carers Leeds.  I think it is fair to say we weren’t sure how it would all work out, as it was the first time we have done it.  We had invited Carers in to come and share their stories with us. We wanted them to let us know exactly what it is like to be a carer-in 2017-in Leeds.

This was a big ask, as it was quite short notice, it’s the school holidays and carers are of course already very busy people.  So we were genuinely overwhelmed at the number of carers who attended-and we cannot thank them enough for giving up their time to help us out.

People came along and openly shared their experiences and emotions.  We had laughter and tears.  People told us about how they became a carer, who they care for, what it’s like, how they feel about it, and talked of the challenges and rewards.  Some were even brave enough to be filmed!

It was such a great day and I loved meeting everyone.  I have been on a high ever since and am so grateful to people for helping us out and sharing their personal experiences with us.

Earlier this week we received the films and photos back.  The way people speak in the films is so warm and full of love.  And their pride as carers bursts through.

We will use the information and footage in order to raise the profile of carers across our city, and to continue to celebrate what they do.  So if you happen to see any of the photos or films around, please do pay attention!  It’s powerful stuff.

Jo Foster, Carer Support Worker