Carers Leeds, in partnership with Leeds Community Healthcare Trust and Leeds City Council, is hosting a Carers Roadshow at Leeds Kirkgate Market on Friday 8th December 2023, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The event will provide unpaid carers with access to information, advice, and support from a variety of organisations.

The Carers Roadshow will feature information stalls from a diverse range of organisations, including Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, Adult Social Care, Family Action, Care and Repair, and Healthwatch. There will also be health checks available on the day, as well as entertainment and refreshments.

The Yorkshire Carers Roadshows

The Leeds Carers Roadshow is a part of a series of roadshows across Yorkshire, which focus on a ‘street to strategy’ ethos developed and inspired by Trevor Clower who is himself an unpaid full-time carer for his son. Across Yorkshire, and in equal partnership with carers, nurses’ whole communities and systems the roadshows provide an open space for carers and families to get some much-needed advice support and help across a large conurbation.


Carers Leeds features Louise Brady, Primary Care Nursing Lead at NHSE in conversation with Ruth Colbeck Lead Nurse for West Leeds Primary Care network on why this is important to them.

Q How and why did you both get involved in the Roadshows?

A Ruth:  I had heard about the Roadshows from colleagues in Leeds and was keen to share my personal journey in a caring role.  Professionally I know how critical it is to for our population to be able to access both health and social care advice and support in a timely manner.

A Louise: I have been lucky to have known Trevor for over 8 years, and there was a brief period of my life when I become a full-time carer, and life changed beyond recognition. Trying to juggle professional and caring responsibilities became so difficult, making connections and building relationships sits at the heart of the roadshows.

Q Ruth tell me about your personal experience?

A I have never thought of myself as a carer. As a nurse, wife, and mother I have always looked after people. Earlier this year my husband had a freak accident in which he badly broke his neck. After major surgery and weeks of intense rehabilitation he is now at home with what are likely to be lifelong disabilities. Having been thrown into the role of a carer I now understand the some of the challenges faced by those in a caring role. It is not only the physical tasks involved but the emotional strain and navigating the minefield of benefits such as P.I.P. , ESA, carers allowance and attendance allowance to name a few. I am fortunate to work with colleagues who are helping me navigate through the system. The Roadshow will enable carers across the city to access similar support.

Q How do you think the roadshows will make a difference?

A Ruth:  Many people across health & care don’t always recognise their unpaid caring role. With Carers Leeds, and in partnership with our voluntary community and social enterprise sector, we can meet people at the centre of our community.  Our Local Market place, where they live, work and play.   Our NHS and social system would not survive without these marvellous folks.

A Louise: From the first two Yorkshire Roadshows, we have been collating feedback and data from carers and families. Families tell us having the time and space to talk to health and social care colleagues really matters. The roadshows have supported them to feel valued when they are often considered the ‘invisible unpaid workforce across health and Care’.

Q Should there be far more support from integrated health and care systems to support our carers?

A: Ruth:  Yes, absolutely. Our community and primary care nurses are integral to a shift in support, particularly when we think about population health, personalised care. Would like to see Leeds hosting an annual roadshow event, this is something that should be embraced across England.

A: Louise: Absolutely.  It would be great to see integrated care systems resourcing this support offer as part of their carers strategies. Would like to see more Nurse/Carer partnerships develop within general practice clinics, in people’s homes and with wider community services.