The world looks different for everyone right now as we are all united by one common issue. And with this, brings positive outcomes, as well as negative.

Nikki during Carers Week 2018

Here is the view from Nikki P, one of our very own team members, who talks about the light she sees in darker times…

“It isn’t often that I write a more personal post but now seemed like the right time. As we all try our best to adapt to a different world where fear and selfish actions are often given way too much space in the media, I am personally taking comfort in the many acts of pure love and kindness that are far outnumbering those selfish ones. Take the Thursday night clap for example, everyone I know is including unpaid carers in this show of thanks and solidarity. Volunteers are shopping and dropping supplies for carers (however we do need to know that you need help)

I’m a carer myself and am SO fortunate that my Mum has a great team of support workers who are going the extra mile and also that mum understands the need to stay at home (after a lot of explaining and arm twisting) We haven’t managed a successful video call yet but I have seen lots of her living room ceiling!

Support from others means that I am able to focus on what I do best – supporting carers, volunteers and my colleagues!

Working from home is not without challenge, it is important not to forget that we are working during a crisis and happen to be at home. Whatever happens we will continue to support carers in Leeds with all of our care, compassion and understanding. Sometimes we hear the positives of the ‘lockdown’ a call from a carer who has more time, more family support and feels less stressed. For others, they feel more alone as building based services that offered vital respite from their 24/7 caring role have had to close. The unknown is scary and whilst, yes, we are all in it together, the way it impacts each of us will be very different.

It is so important to reach out and ask for help, be it to offload your worries or to admit for the first time ever that you are struggling. Our advice line is open, our carers support workers are working, our befrienders are making regular calls. Carers Leeds office may be closed but the service most certainly isn’t.”

Nikki Pattinson
Carer Engagement Team Leader / Befriending Co-ordinator

Nikki Pattinson