Jo-YAC worker here…I am currently producing the September edition of YAC News! The newsletter is for carers aged 16-25 in Leeds.

The first thing that I am writing about are the events that we had over summer.  St. John’s Ambulance provided us with a fabulous first aid course-two young adult carers have been in touch with me to say that they have already put their newly obtained skills to use!

We had a day trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The weather was beautiful and we walked around the entire park which was a total of 8 kilometres. Some YAC’s are still in shock that they managed to walk that far!  I think we all benefited from being away from the city under a clear blue sky surrounded by green fields and beautiful art.

We held a consultation day with our carers and asked their thoughts on various things, including our newsletter. I am the first to admit that I dread writing the newsletter-a bit like doing this blog!  Am I too boring, am I trying too hard etc?!  At the consultation, our carers told us that they look forward to receiving YAC News!, it keeps them feeling informed and involved.  They want it to include more information on being a carer, more information on health and wellbeing and would also like the newsletter to increase in frequency to monthly!! Knowing how useful people do find it will really help with motivation when writing it.

This month I am going to give them some information about upcoming events, some health and wellbeing information and also tell them some bits of young adult carer related news.  People wanting to receive an email copy of the YAC newsletter can do so by contacting me.


Jo Foster – Young Adult Carer Support Worker