Here at Carers Leeds we offer support to all carers over the age of 16, however we call carers aged 16-25 Young Adult Carers.

We were fortunate to receive some funding to provide additional support to this age group, 10 years ago and this is still in place today!

Younger carers often tell us that they feel very alone and that their peers (at school /college / university / work) simply aren’t able to understand how their life is so different. Young adult carers are more likely to drop out of education, more likely to have both physical and mental health problems and more likely to be under pressure to provide financially for their families than their peers.

What is life like as a young adult carer
What is life like as a young adult carer
What is life like as a young adult carer

From helping a parent to shower, to making sure medications are taken on time, to calming a loved one who is having a psychotic episode, making meals, tidying up, looking after younger siblings, managing medical appointments, offering emotional support, turning someone in bed, dressing sores, managing catheters, managing the family finances; the list is endless and often without a break.

Over the past couple of months, we have been working with our young adult carers to produce a short video about what it can mean to be a younger carer and an example of the help that they can access.

There are 2 versions of the film:

  • 1 aimed at young people themselves to help them recognise that that are, in fact, a carer;
  • and 1 for people who are working with young people across the City, to raise awareness.

For Young Adult Carers:
What is a Young Adult Carer?

For Professionals: What is a Young Adult
Carer & why should I refer for support?

Carers Leeds supports unpaid carers:

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