‘Shutter Stories’ is a new Skippko photography project open to carers in Leeds.

No previous experience is needed, and Skippko have some compact digital camera’s they can loan if you do not have your own camera, or a camera on your phone.

Participants will be exploring digital photography to document and comment on their personal situations and the world around them during the project.

Skippko artists will support participants in a range of ways, to enable people to develop their skills and knowledge of photography, whilst being connected to other people during a time when we are all mostly at home. The project will have an emphasis on sharing skills and ideas, time for self, reducing stress and being focussed in the moment at an otherwise difficult time.

Programme of activities:

The project will run from October 20 until June 2021 and will be facilitated by Skippko artists Nicki and Sally.  You can take part in the full programme or at intervals that suit you.  All elements are optional, so you can take part in some elements and not others to suit you.

  • There will be 3 photography briefs/themes to give a focus to the photographs. Each brief will run over approx. 2 months. Our first theme will be ‘light and dark’.
  • Artists will provide one to one mentoring, ideas and tutorials to participants either via a conferencing platform such as zoom or via telephone if participants do not have online access.
  • Artists will host group online chats to share images being created, share ideas and to provide social contact between participants.
  • There will be photography trips to explore Leeds public open spaces as lockdown rules allow and as appropriate for individual members. This element will both provide opportunities for different photoshoots as well as the well-being benefits of being outdoors and exploring nature.
  • Skippko will be holding an introductory zoom meeting on Thursday 15 October 2pm when you can find out more and ask any questions.

What happens to the photographs?:

  • Skippko will create an online gallery of images so you can see each other’s work.
  • Skippko will share some of the photographs on our website/blog.
  • Skippko can print a selection of your photographs and send them back to you.
  • Skippko will hold an exhibition of photographs in a city centre venue if possible or online at the end of the project.
  • A printed publication documenting the project and the photographs that participants feel best represent their ideas will be produced at the end of the project.

Contact Details for more information and to register your interest please email/call Cath Brooke, cath.skippko@gmail.com 0113 2345355