Learning Disability Week 2018

The dictionary definition of safeguarding is ‘protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure’.

For children, safeguarding has replaced the words ‘child protection’. We also use the word for keeping people with care needs safe from harm.

Harm could mean; physical or sexual abuse, psychological abuse such as threats, controlling behaviour, verbal abuse, or abuse within the family, taking advantage of someone financially, discrimination or neglect.

Many carers are concerned about what might happen to the person they care for when they’re looked after by someone else; in hospital, in a care home, or by paid care workers coming to the home. The people we look after can be very vulnerable and we need to know they’re safe.

Carers may know or guess when the person they care for is at risk, but when you’re caring for someone who can’t express themselves, it can be difficult to feel sure that they’re safe.

Safeguarding can also affect carers when they may be at risk from the person they care for, or the carer themselves can cause harm to the person with care needs, when the stress and strain of caring can get too much.

Carers Leeds would like to invite carers to a Safeguarding Coffee Morning to talk about Safeguarding and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Wednesday 1st August 10.30am until 12.30pm at Carers Leeds.

Let’s talk about safeguarding – what does safeguarding mean to you as a carer; what should you do if you’re concerned about the safety of the person you care for. A member of staff from Leeds Safeguarding Board will be available to talk about safeguarding and answer any questions.

Refreshments will be available. There is no need to book for this event.

If you would like more information, please phone Helena Bladon on 0113 380 8916 or contact on helena.bladon@carersleeds.org.uk.