This week (15th – 21st November) is Alcohol Awareness Week, an annual campaign organised by Alcohol Change UK to highlight issues around alcohol and the negative impact it can have.

Each year has a theme, and this time it is ‘Alcohol and Relationships’. Working in the part of Carers Leeds that supports people impacted by someone else’s alcohol and/or drug use – I speak to people every day who have had their relationships damaged, and in some cases destroyed, by alcohol.

Carer Cheryl talks to the Yorkshire Evening Post about addiction and family impact.

Alcohol can affect our relationships in so many ways, from the impacts on communication, finances, and the way that responsibilities are shared in a relationship. Sometimes these can be little niggles that people can cope with, and other times the impact of alcohol can lead to relationships completely breaking down. I recently sat down with Forward Leeds to talk about the impact of alcohol on relationships and you can watch the short video below.

Adfam, the national charity supporting people impacted by someone else’s drinking, drug use or gambling, published research last month that 5.5 million adults in the UK are impacted by a friend or family member’s addiction. That’s 1 in 10 of us! In Leeds alone, that means there are tens of thousands of people impacted by someone else’s drinking.

One of those people is Cheryl. Cheryl has been working with Carers Leeds as she supports her husband around his alcohol use. Her and her husband recently sat down with the Yorkshire Evening Post to talk about addiction, recovery and the impact of alcohol on relationships and the family. You can read their inspirational story and watch a short video here (warning, the article contains spiders!).

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