So I write this having just had a great session with our Young Adult Carers. Sarah from St. John’s Ambulance has just delivered a great first aid course for us.

The young adult carers were very knowledgeable and all had some previous experience of dealing with emergencies. They learned vital life-saving skills such as how to assess a situation, perform CPR, dealing with epilepsy, choking, heart attacks and various other first aid skills. I hope they will now all go home and download the St. John’s Ambulance app!  I have it and it is really simple to use and gives clear instructions on how to deal with a range of injuries and incidents.

I’ve just tidied the room up and hope to make myself a cuppa.  Then I can begin to start planning our next event.  Next week we have a planning and consultation day where we hope all of our Young Adult Carers will come in and help us to plan the next year of events and activities and to give us their thoughts on publications such as the newsletter and leaflet.  If they get as involved next week as they did just now, I think we may need to extend the timings…!

Jo Foster, Young Adult Carer Support Worker