Well I for one am glad to see the back of that snow.  Whilst it is lovely to look at, it certainly interfered with my plans!  Last week should have seen me starting day one in my new job role.  I was all ready to come in to Leeds- but the trains were cancelled.  So I had to go back home.  My thermals and walking boots were well and truly wasted!  So here I am, re-attempting day one in my new role.

My new post will see me continuing to provide Carer Support, as part of a new service for carers of younger people with dementia.  Carers Leeds and Community Links are working in partnership to provide a service called Young Dementia Leeds.  Community Links provide a day service for younger people with dementia and I will support their carers.

I am really looking forward to meeting with carers and hearing about what they would like.  I hope together we can make the service what carers want and need.  I will be spending the next month or so meeting with other services and professionals, swotting up on my dementia knowledge, getting to know my new Community Links colleagues and advertising the new service.

But most importantly I will be providing lots of opportunities for carers of younger people with dementia to meet with me. I want to hear what it is like for them, and to discuss how I can best provide support.

If you would like to get in touch with me directly, please contact me on 07495 263791.  We can arrange to get together (the cuppas are on me!) and talk about how we can make sure that this new service is exactly what Leeds want.

Thanks, Jo

Jo Foster