Like most of the CCG Health Grant funded projects in North and South & East Leeds, our exciting, innovative and successful Carers Health and Wellbeing Projects has now ended.

Over the year 500 carers were supported in improving their health and wellbeing through groups or 1-2-1 health trainer support.  In South & East Leeds, 122 carers received 1-2-1 information and advice in their own home or at a GP surgery.  81 new carers and older people attended 3 new sustainable support groups and 483 people attended carer awareness training in different settings.  We are so proud of the 5 staff who worked hard to get this project up and running at breakneck speed in order to deliver much needed and valued support to carers.

The work with carers on improving health and wellbeing was independently evaluated by Leeds Beckett University.  The report states ‘This evaluation report provides evidence that shows tangible and meaningful support being provided to carers and that this is positively impacting on their own health and wellbeing … and demonstrates the valuable contribution of this service to improving the health of carers within North and S&E CCG areas of Leeds’  The full evaluation report will be available on the publications section of the website soon.

The staff team at Carers Leeds have been disappointed to see this project come to an end particularly since it so successfully added to the help available to unpaid carers in Leeds and we all hope that in the future we will be able to offer this kind of health and wellbeing support to carers again.