Hello, I’m Jo Jenner 

I am relatively new in post, having started as a Carer Awareness Trainer in May. I did however work for Carers Leeds on the Health and Wellbeing Project for a year though so I don’t feel like a total newbie!

Carers Leeds has received Health Grant funding to deliver short Carer Awareness Training sessions for staff working in GP practices and community health settings within the Leeds North CCG area, which I am co-ordinating and delivering.

The training explains who carers are and what they do. Having worked on the health project for the last year, I have seen first-hand the impact that caring can have on a carer’s health, both physically and mentally. I am looking forward to working with primary care staff to help them understand the importance of identifying carers and look at ways in which they can support them both within the practice and by referring them to Carers Leeds

I am enjoying being out and about, dropping into surgeries and introducing myself. I have already delivered 2 training sessions and look forward to delivering many more and raising awareness of the Yellow Card scheme and the importance of the Leeds Commitment to Carers!

If you work in primary care and would be interested in Carer Awareness Training in North Leeds, you can contact me on 07399 49226 or e-mail me jo.jenner@carersleeds.org.uk

Jo Jenner, Carer Awareness Trainer