Hello – We are Grace from the health project and Jo from the YAC team. This morning we have formed a blog duo. Not sure if that’s a thing, but here goes….

On Friday as a half term treat, we took a group of young adult of carers to the ministry of food located in the Market Place. Grace booked this session for the YAC’s under the health project. One of the YAC’s was new to Carers Leeds and only had met Jo an hour earlier. We were impressed with how she took it upon her stride and committed to attending the session.

Upon arrival we met Wayne the cooking instructor. He was very friendly and put us all at ease. We donned our aprons and positioned ourselves at our cooking stations, where our chopping boards and very sharp knives were awaiting us. We made a scrumptious pasta bake and we learnt how to quickly and effectively chop an onion. As well as learning about the benefits of whole wheat pasta and also the importance of having the right portion sizes. He added capers and olives to our dish, which some us were wary of. Once all prepared we took our dishes home and consumed it for our tea. One of the carers suggested she was going to eat hers with salad cream! We really hope she changed her mind J

The ministry of food delivers an 8-week course at a cost of £4.50 per session. We asked the YAC’s if they would consider attending and Alaina (YAC) commented, “I would. I wouldn’t think twice about paying £4.50 for a takeaway. So if I could cook a meal and learn new skills for the same cost, then it’s defiantly worth it”.

We want to will leave you with a fact of the day – if you want to stop yourself from crying when chopping an onion, place onion peel on your head like a hat and it will result in NO tears –  Try It!

Have a fabulous week,

Grace and Jo.