A recent publication from the National LGB&T (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) Partnership, ‘Out Loud – LGBT Voices in Health & Social Care’ reports on the views of LGB&T people on health and social care services.    The research has been conducted with groups of LGB&T people who were asked to give their opinions on delivery of health and social care services and on how they would like to see these services improve.  The report aims to be a resource to assist in designing and providing care and support that meet the needs of LGB&T people.

There are key statements on support, confidentiality, equality, acceptance, respect and dignity and understanding.  The statement ‘See me for who I am’ underlies the feedback and is a statement that all services need to take on board, including the service we deliver to carers.  ‘Show me I’m welcome’ is another statement that service providers need to think about – how can we best show  LGB&T people that they are welcome is something we will be thinking about at Carers Leeds.

As an organisation, we aim to support staff not to make assumptions about people’s sexual orientation or gender identity and to ensure that our staff actively show respect through the acceptance of individual’s lifestyles, relationships and their definitions of who their family and carers are.

This report offers much food for thought backed up with active implementation of policies which value the diversity of the carers who approach our service.