The Joint Review of Partnerships and Investments in Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Organisations in the Health and Social Care Sector has been published.  The report has been based on research undertaken since 2014 into the role of  VCSE organisations  in contributing to improving health, wellbeing and care outcomes.  We were interested in the results of this report as Carers Leeds is a VCSE organisation actively involved in delivering services in the health and social care economy.

We were pleased to see that VCSE organisations are acknowledged as uniquely able to offer support which looks at the whole person and the whole family, thinking preventatively and whole life-time.  It also acknowledges the importance of VCSE organisations in delivering services and their need for finances to do this.  But the role of organisations such as Carers Leeds in co-designing local health and care goals,  developing responses to fit local needs and building on local assets and community resources is also seen to be of great significance.

We are fortunate in Leeds to be very forward thinking around joint working between health, social care and the VCSE sector – we are well supported by Forum Central in bringing third sector contributions to strategic processes.

Some of the recommendations are of great significance to organisations such are Carers Leeds:

  • Long-term funding should be standard
  • Social value should be embedded in commissioning approaches
  • Volunteering is valued, improved and promoted
  • There should be a greater focus on equality and health inequality.

This detailed and insightful report is very much welcomed by anyone who is committed to working together to improve health and social care outcomes for the citizens of Leeds.