I’ve put off my blogging contribution for at least 3 weeks.  What will I say?  Will it be interesting enough? Will anybody actually read it?! So here I am, looking out of the window, tidying my desk, re-writing my to do list, and generally avoiding doing my first blog.

I suppose I should begin by introducing myself.  I am Jo Foster, carer support worker.  I’ve recently taken over the Young Adult Carer (YAC) project and am having a very nice time working on it with my colleague Adam.  And it goes without saying that all of our young adult carers are equally fab.

Today has been a very good day.  I have been in touch with a number of YAC’s arranging their next appointments.  I sat on a panel approving grants for carers, which is always a very humbling and grounding experience.  My main focus at the moment (apart from giving individual support to YAC’s) is on arranging a range of activities over summer.  We will be running a first aid course, having a daytrip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and are also holding a consultation day.  We hope the consultation day will enable us to get the thoughts and views of all of our Young adult carers, and together with we will all plan the activities and themes of the groups for the year ahead.

Jo Foster, Young Adult Carer Support Worker