The Alzheimers Society’s ‘Fix Dementia Care’ campaign announced  on 16th November says No – it’s not good enough. Many of us will have heard stories about, or had our own experience of, home care support that is not sufficiently skilled to help people with dementia.  When this is the case, the relationship between the care worker and the cared for person can  break  down and all the care requirements fall back on the family carer, or there is an unnecessary hospital or care home admission.

Research conducted by Alzheimers Society states that only 2% of people affected by dementia say homecare workers have enough dementia training.   Half (49%) of people affected by dementia do not think that ‘homecare workers understand the specific needs of people with dementia’ and more than a third (38%) of people affected by dementia do not think that ‘homecare workers know how to treat people with dementia with understanding and dignity’.  It also states that many care workers have asked for training in caring for a person with dementia but their request was turned down.

Family carers need to know that their loved one with dementia is in safe hands when home care services are in place, so it is essential that good quality training is available to home case staff.  As the population ages, more and more people are diagnosed with dementia and  dementia is now the most common cause of death in England and Wales.

So Good luck to Alzheimers Society with their Fix Dementia Care campaign – let’s hope it makes a difference.