We would like to introduce Geoff – our newest member of the team.

Geoff is our I.C.T. (Information and Communications Technology) and Facilities Co-ordinator. Geoff’s role will be to provide support and assistance for all things technical and facilities related for Carers Leeds. An orderly queue has already formed at his office door.

Can you give us a little background about yourself?

I’m a science graduate from Liverpool University (Marine Biology). Having spent my formative years in the big smoke (London), I travelled the world (with 4 years in Australia) before ending up back in Yorkshire.

‘Ee bah gum’ – I’m here to stay


What attracted you to working for Carers Leeds?

Wthout hesitation, I would have to say the very genuine ‘altruistic’ nature and outlook of Carers Leeds and it’s staff. It is very evident that every person you meet within Carers Leeds really cares about what they do and are passionate about it too. I know that I will get a great sense of fulfillment in supporting the ‘Front of House’ staff, so that they can do what they do best – and support the Carers of Leeds.


What’s your favourite quote?

Always bite off more than you can chew! Your mouth is usually bigger than you think!

What’s your favourite flavour of crips?

Easy! Brannigan’s Roast Beef and Mustard. Yum!
(they are vegetarian so I am okay on that one!)


Can you tell us about you a couple of things you do in your downtime?

I’m a bit of a geek. Having grown up reading classic Americana Super Hero Comics I often find myself spending my breaks in the ‘Forbiden Planet’ comic store below Carers Leeds and spending far too much money. I am also a bit of a computer gamer and can be found wondering the realms of Azeroth – a fictional world that forms the basis of the online roleplaying game of ‘World of Warcraft’.