You might remember a blog post from a few weeks ago that was about our Young Adult Carers (YAC) learning vital life saving skills from St John’s Ambulance. Well, we have an update that made our fab Support Workers beam with pride…it’s good to know we are getting it right with our specialist support services. Read on…


“Yesterday I spoke with one of our young people-Ashley-who came on the first aid training.  Her mum has epilepsy and Ashley was really keen to know what to do when Mum has a seizure, as has previously Ashley has felt pretty “useless” whilst other people took over the situation and Ashley would often just be left watching and panicking.  Occasionally the person dealing with the situation would instruct her to phone an ambulance.  As you can imagine Ashley was always left feeling pretty lousy when this happened.  This was why we asked you so many questions about dealing with seizures-so that Ashley could skill herself up.

Anyway, I spoke Ashley today.  Her Mum had a really bad seizure at the weekend and was hospitalized as it lasted so long.  Ashley very proudly told me that she was able to completely take control of the situation.  She instructed someone to look after her kids whilst she dealt with it all.  She told someone else to phone an ambulance.  She protected her mums head whilst she had the seizure and then afterwards put her into the recovery position-remembering to ask someone to sit behind her mum so that she didn’t roll back.  How amazing is that!!  She was so pleased with herself.”

Great work from Jo (YAC Support Worker), Ashley (Carer) and Sarah (First Aid Trainer) and what a wonderful result! Happy Friday everyone!