The selfless work of Leeds’s dedicated network of unpaid carers was recognised as the city marked this year’s Carers Week.

Caring can be a rewarding experience but without the right support many carers find themselves facing financial hardship, ill-health, emotional stress, relationship breakdown and isolation.  Val Hewison, Chief Executive at Carers Leeds, said: “We recognise that Carers Week is just one week of the year for the 72,000 unpaid family carers in Leeds, but it is a key time to raise awareness of the crucial role they play in keeping their loved ones well and supported and a great opportunity time to highlight the breadth of support we offer carers at Carers Leeds.

The week kicked off with an event organised by Leeds City Council for working carers.  Over 140 working carers attended and there was a really positive feel about the event.  Carers Leeds ran numerous events every day in locations around the city, including one-stop shops, Sainsbury’s and Leeds City Markets.  Carers Leeds also held a number of trips and outings – the Men’s Carers Group enjoyed a day out in Hebden Bridge, there was a city centre walk and a coach trip to Scarborough.  In and amongst were a series of information events for carers including information about power of attorney and health and wellbeing.

The week of celebration came to  fantastic conclusion at the Carers Leeds Great Get-Together event on Briggate on Saturday 17th June  where there was information for carers, cakes, fun and games and Grace’s cycling challenge.

All in all it was one of the busiest carers weeks in Leeds that anyone can remember.

During Carers Week Leeds City Council and the Leeds NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups also made the following three announcements:

  • The Leeds Carers Partnership have produced the Leeds Commitment to Carers which sets out what being the best city in the UK for carers would look like – anyone can sign-up including health and care agencies, employers, local shops, banks, supermarkets, voluntary organisations and faith group – every high street, community service and leisure facility will be able to play their part in making sure they are accessible to carers by connecting them to the help and support available.
  • Through a partnership with Carers UK, Leeds City Council will also be making a free range of digital products available for the city’s carers. – Using a special access code, carers will be able to take part in e-learning course,  download a specially-designed app  called ‘Jointly’ and access a range of on-line information guides designed to give carers the information they need.
  • The council has also secured umbrella membership of the Employers for Carers network, giving the authority access to all the latest knowledge and resources about supporting carers balancing work and care.  The council’s membership also means that any employer with less than 250 employers can also have free membership and will also be able to use the network resources.

For more information, please contact Ian Brooke-Mawson, Strategic Commissioning Manager (Carers) – ian.brookemawson@leeds,