Carers Leeds - Margaret Hebden

Carers Leeds – Margaret Hebden

Wow, this is my final week working at Carers Leeds after 20 years!

It’s a time of excitement and anticipation as I start my retirement.  When I think of what I have been involved in over the years it is quite amazing – the yellow card GP referral scheme, websites, databases, craft groups, training sessions,  listening events, coach trips and not forgetting our PQASSO quality mark.

Whilst I am looking forward to having time for hobbies and family, I know that there will be people and things I will really miss.

There are colleagues, volunteers and some carers that I have known for many years and there are people I have only known for a short time but I will miss the friendships, banter and teamwork.  There is a fantastic team here, we organise events and activities for carers and there is always a shared joy when an event has been successful.  It is a tremendous feel good factor to be part of an organisation that makes a real difference to lives.  I need to give a particular mention to our CEO, Val Hewison, who has energy, enthusiasm and passion that infects the whole team and makes Carers Leeds into the happy and creative place to work that it is.

So I say farewell and thank you for the pleasure and privilege of being part of this organisation and I wish the success and continuation of support for carers at Carers Leeds.  I will so000 miss the chocolates on the filing cabinet, but my waistline won’t!

Margaret Hebden

note: Anyone who is familiar with the poem ‘When i’m old’ by Jenny Joseph will appreciate Margaret’s attire in this picture 🙂