One of the carers involved with the Carers Leeds service talks about her campaign to improve banking services for carers and the people they support.  Over to you, Annie …

Mother blocked from disabled son’s account despite damning report from Ombudsman. This was the headline when the case went public. Annie took this case to her MP, which resulted in a debate at the House of Commons. The outcome of the debate was the promise of meeting with the Treasury Minister.

On the 7th November this year, Annie met with the Treasury Minister in London where she submitted her report and recommendations on this issue. The meeting was extremely positive and proactive, with the Minister requesting Annie’s MP to submit a question to him on this matter at the next Treasury Question Time.

Carers face many barriers, when managing a loved one’s finances.  Because of this experience, I felt compelled to challenge the injustices I was confronted with, not just to resolve the problems I had, but also to help the thousands of carers who face the same dilemma.

I am delighted with the outcome of this recent meeting, which gave me real hope that ‘Better Banking for Carers’ will take a giant leap forward.

Annie Dransfield. Carer.