Hospital wards can sometimes seem like busy, confusing or intimidating places and you may feel pressure from the hospital to get the person you care for home as soon as possible.

It is important for you to consider how your caring role is likely to affect your life, especially if their care needs have changed or increased.

Carers Leeds can help you feel supported in your caring role, understand the often confusing jargon, and to confidently be a part of planning discharge from hospital.

Some of the terms used in hospital can be confusing such as:

Care planning meeting
Usually held on a hospital ward with all the professionals currently supporting an inpatient, together with the family and the patient themselves if appropriate. Everyone’s views can be listened to and expressed freely with a view to making a decision regarding the best care and support needed to enable discharge from hospital.

Care in the community beds (CIC) and community care beds (CCB)
These are often used when patients have future potential for rehabilitation or need further assessment. These are beds within certain residential care homes that are funded by the NHS for a specific period of time.

Intermediate or reablement care
Intermediate care is a short term package of care arranged by social workers, which is provided at home following discharge from hospital free of charge for up to six weeks.

Who’s who…
Hospital discharge co-ordinator
Located on each ward and responsible for making a discharge plan with you, the person you care for and all other professionals involved in supporting you and your family. They are able to talk to care companies and care homes and ensure everyone involved is aware of the plan for discharge from hospital.

Occupational therapist (OT)
Will look at what equipment the person you care for may need at home such as specialist beds, walking frames, commodes or hand and grab rails.

Working closely with the OT to support movement and mobility, and to ensure the person you care for is given the chance to maintain or increase strength after a stay in hospital.

Social worker
When medically ready for discharge, a social worker based within the hospital can meet you to look at what extra support is needed for the person you care for and you as a carer.

Speech and language team (SALT)
Available to give advice to patients and families about communication, eating and managing food consistencies and drinks.

Independent mental capacity advocate (IMCA)
Available to support people who are not able to make certain decisions for themselves, and do not have family or friends who are in a position to act on their behalf. They may sometimes be asked to attend meetings on behalf of the patient.

Carer support worker
If can be a stressful and worrying time if the person you care for is in hospital. Contact Carers Leeds for support and guidance:
– Talk to a carer support worker on 0113 380 4300
– There when you need us most, our hospital support workers are based at St James Hospital (8th Floor Gledhow Wing)
– Attend the time for us café to find out more