During the assessment for our Investing in Volunteers accreditation, staff members representing all areas of the organisation had the opportunity to give feedback on the impact of volunteering on our work.

All staff members interviewed emphasised the passion, enthusiasm and commitment volunteers bring and the new perspectives they offer, comments included:

  • “Everything we learn at Carers Leeds we learn from carers and from volunteers, our volunteers have great knowledge – they teach us”
  • “We definitely couldn’t do what we do without volunteers. They also allow us to do extra work, for example I used to run the ‘Bat ‘n Chat’ sessions which are now run by volunteers – it’s great”
  •  “Volunteers enhance our services, we couldn’t provide some of our services without volunteers”
  • “We have a fabulous, inclusive culture at Carers Leeds”
  • “Our volunteers are a great strength for the organisation”
  • “Volunteering is two-way, volunteers bring so many skills, experience and knowledge to the organisation, they are a massive part of our team”
  • “Volunteers are our eyes and ears”
  • “The organisation couldn’t function at the level we function without volunteers, they massively improve the quality of our services, they are absolutely essential to all our services”
  • “Volunteers are so good because the majority of volunteers have been carers, they bring that really important empathy and sympathy and essential life experience”.

Some of the Carers Leeds staff thanking our volunteers at a recent zoom meeting