Carers Leeds Volunteers’ Week Photography Challenge!

Inspired by Skippko Shutter Stories project, we asked volunteers to create a self-portrait without actually being in the photo!  

To do this, volunteers selected three or more objects significant to them and arranged them into a “Still-Life”. The objects could be to do with work/hobbies/interests/family – each object bringing a separate ingredient that made up a different part.  

We received some fantastic volunteer self-portraits … 

Catherine – Volunteer Programme Assistant & Carers Groups Admin Assistant  
“I enjoy volunteering as I like being able to help and support people, to make a positive difference. It gives me a sense of purpose and makes me feel that I am Enough. It makes me happy.”

Catherine - Self-portrait

Diane – Support Group Assistant & Telephone Evaluator  
Volunteering with Carers Leeds has introduced me to some smashing people. 
It has brought a new, interesting dimension to retirement and, at the same time, enables me to keep using skills from my working life (and time as a carer).

Jane Befriender 
I really enjoy volunteering as a befriender- it gives me a sense of purpose and of course the old cliché, “ I want to give something back.” I like meeting people and enjoy social interaction. It is very rewarding to provide support to others.

Jane self portrait

Paul – Befriender  
#Carers Leeds reaches parts others can’t reach  
#Each Drink Build and have a good watch 

Paul - Self-portrait

Christine – Proof-reader & Support Group Assistant  

Volunteering is good for the mind, body and soul. Carers Leeds encourage, and never pressure, allowing me to enjoy time with my family and continue with hobbies. It’s definitely a win win for everyone 😃. 

Christine - Self-portrait

Evrim – Befriender  

I was stuck with writing my thesis when I started volunteering at Carers Leeds. Volunteering reminded me that there is a life outside of academia. It helped me to take a break from my thesis and do something USEFUL. It introduced me to great people from different cultural backgrounds and with different life stories, I have learned a lot from them. I love and enjoy my volunteer work.

Janet – Receptionist  
I find being a Volunteer at Carers Leeds very rewarding and being able to work alongside very dedicated staff who always do their very best to help all Carers from all walks of life.