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Carers Leeds provide support for carers to improve their own health and wellbeing. In the 2018 Carers UK State of Caring survey, 72% of carers in the UK said they had suffered mental ill health and 61% said they had suffered physical ill health as a result of caring. Our aim is to ensure that carers across Leeds are able to care without a negative impact on their health.

We work with carers to improve their health and wellbeing  through a range of different activities, groups, one to one support and training courses.

For more information or to access support contact:
Jo Foster –  07508 426 656

Carers Leeds are also a partner of Live Well Leeds, providing support for carers mental health needs.


2020 review and carer feedback

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Jo’s quick tips for wellbeing

Carers Leeds supports unpaid carers:

Carers Advice Line: 0113 380 4300
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