In the final post for our Mental Health Awareness Week blog series, we’d like to share this poem, written by an anonymous carer.

It brought a smile to our face, we hope it does the same for you too.

Kindness can start out small,a thing unseen 

Just like an ant that softly goes along 

And trundles back, takes good news to the queen 

And then the ant returns a thousand strong. 

Or kindness could be something massive,rare, 

Like some great whale at sea,silent,alone, 

And all who spy the whale gasp,smile and stare 

And marvel,wonder,at the kindness shown. 

Kindness is like the mushroom and the spore 

It spreads from earth to earth across lands 

Be kind and bring that cheer to more and more 

And how a toadstool that first act expands. 

This sonnet might be mawkish, twee and naff 

But lets be kind and make each other laugh!