I have just got back from our festive fun drop in at the John Lewis community hub – I feel so tired but had such a great time. Our guests enjoyed festive food and drinks, pulled a few Christmas crackers and took part in our seasonal quiz. We listened to a bit of Christmas music and it was great to see lots of people chatting to each other.

My role was to welcome everyone and as I looked around the room, it seemed like everyone was busy supporting each other.  Some of my colleagues sat and chatted with people who needed someone to talk to and it felt to me like the start of Christmas because there were so many people enjoying  each other’s company. As people left they thanked us and wishes us a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  It struck me, as it so often does, that carers are some of the kindest people around.

Before this event I had been stressing think will I have everything ready for Christmas?  Will all the cards be posted? Will everyone be happy?  Will it be perfect?

As I am writing this, its clear that it doesn’t really matter whether everything is perfect.  Christmas is one day in the year and I have had some bad Christmases and some good Christmases.  What ever happens at this Christmas and however much worrying I spend on it it will be as it will be.  As the song says Que sera sera whatever will be will be…

Elaine Wilkes, Mental Health and Learning Disability Team Manager