Carers Leeds Family of Volunteers

There is something special about our Carers Leeds family of volunteers.

I know the word family has many different meanings but for me they are a family. A fab, group of wonderful people who have come together and support, commit, and love Carers Leeds! So, for me… I am not too bothered about the legal definition… that makes them our family!

When people come to volunteer with us, they bring with them so much love, passion, and genuine dedication to supporting carers (many of them bringing their own unique experience of being a carer themselves) and they never stop supporting us.

They share their own expertise, encourage us to try new things and never fail in ‘stepping up’ when we need them.

And that is what they have done pre pandemic, during the pandemic and I know post pandemic, despite having to say goodbye to some of our envelope stuffers/fillers as we have had to adjust to new ways of safe working. We shared confidences, family news, ups and downs of life (both mine and theirs by the way) and shared some raucous laughter and telling of anecdotes which I will not share here… apparently you can still get the sack 8 weeks before you retire!

With attitudes and personalities that are so infectious, every volunteer motivated me to do my best each day.

So, I always say, you can change the world with simple acts of kindness and our volunteers have proved that and will continue to prove it, I am sure.

So, in Volunteer’s Week I personally thank all our loyal bunch… who are a constant reminder that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others.

They have made a difference in mine, for sure.


Val H