Our fab carer support worker Kai has completed her Dry January challenge! A huge congratulations to her. She did such a great job and it’s brilliant that she shared her journey with us. I’m sure that everyone enjoyed reading these blogs as much as the Carers Leeds team. Here’s what Kai had to say about crossing the finish line.

“And that’s Dry January done! 31 days without any alcohol, all to raise money for Alcohol Change UK and I raised a grand total of £166.06!

My plan was to celebrate the end of the challenge with a nice bottle of wine but a course of antibiotics got in the way of that, which to me is the universe telling me to slow down. Just because I can have alcohol does not mean I need it, which I feel this challenge should have taught me already but it’s nice of the universe to give me a reminder.

I can’t pretend to see any massive differences in myself. I haven’t lost any weight (although substituting alcohol with finishing off the Christmas chocolates probably didn’t help). My skin does not look clearer (thanks adult acne), and my sleep did not improve (thanks insomnia). But I’m still proud of myself. I think it’s important for all of us to change our routine every now and then, challenge ourselves and test out new coping strategies.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated and supported Dry January, and congrats to everyone who has completed their own challenge.”

Kai Markanday, Concerned Other Support Worker