As we see 2019 draw to a close and we reflect on a year of progress, challenges and everything in between, it strikes me just how similar my ‘day job’ is to my caring role. Full of hope, pride and enthusiasm but also feel every bump in the road so deeply. And my, I’ve had some bumps this year!

Switching off at the end of your day isn’t possible for working carers but it’s the good days that get you through. It’s the hope that the person you care for will be ok until you see them next. It’s the joy when you see them smile. And on the days we struggle, it lightens my heart to know the team here at Carers Leeds will get you through it.

Throughout the year carers have shared their views of our service with me and hearing our team referred to as ‘a lifeline’, making people feel that are ‘not alone’ and that ‘there’s always someone to talk to’ makes me feel privileged to lead this team.

My hope, pride and enthusiasm for every carer in Leeds remains strong, and together, Carers Leeds will continue to fight your corner, give you a voice, and make Leeds the best city for carers.
Val Hewison – CEO

Carers Leeds team