Time for Carers Fund – Application Form
Professional Statement

This form must be completed as part of the Time for Carers grant application process and must be completed by a professional, who is involved with the carer or person with care needs in a professional capacity. Examples include:

The professional must be able to verify the caring role of the person applying. We cannot accept statements containing personal contact details. The professional cannot be a relative, friend or work colleague.

We may wish to contact you, the professional to verify the information sent to us is correct.

    Section 1: Information about the carer

    About the carer:


    Section 2: For completion by the professional supporting this application

    We reserve the right to contact the professional so that they can verify that the information on this application form is correct


    As a professional supporting the Time for Carers application for the carer, you are verifying that, to your knowledge, details provided by the carer named on the application form are correct. You are verifying to confirm that the applicant named on this form is a carer, who provides necessary, unpaid care to at least one person with care needs. You are verifying that you are a professional who is involved in supporting the carer or the person with care needs.