Carers Leeds is now forging ahead with its Working Carers Service for Employers in the City. Our goal is to support the estimated 35,000 workers in Leeds who also have unpaid caring responsibilities for friends or family.

As one working carer recently commented: “If I had not had the support of my boss and the organisation when I really struggled to balance work and caring, I would have almost certainly had to leave work”.

We are delighted to offer our Working Carers Package for employers, which provides practical information and support for both employers and their working carers.

The Working Carers Package has been developed with input from Leeds employers and comprises of:

  • A self assessment questionnaire for employers to identify how effective they are at supporting working carers
  • One to one advice sessions with individual working carers in the workplace
  • Training and information to managers on supporting working carers
  • An extensive toolkit for employers with information, good practice and tips, case studies and contact details to help support working carers

At the core of our service is a partnership with fifteen forward thinking employers in the City. This forms our Working Carers Forum, who meet quarterly to exchange good practice and ideas on how to support working carers in the City.

If you want to join us as an employer, or would like details to pass on to your employer, please contact Madlen Sayar on 0113 246 8338 or email

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