As with all of Carers Leeds’ specialist support services, our parent carer service is up and running during the current crisis.

Our team have been working hard to learn how best to support parent carers in the current period as we recognise how difficult it is to access time for yourself with kids at home 24/7.

One thing we’ve done is set up the parent carer Facebook page where we post useful links and updates. Please give us a “like” and see what’s on there. Suggestions of what else might be useful are always welcome too.

As a parent carer myself, I know that 121 support isn’t always easy. On some days it would be impossible to make or receive a call from someone offering support while also looking after my son. However, many of you have taken the opportunity to call us and have a chat, moan, cry, or laugh and if that’s what you need then do get in touch!

Our typical discussions with parent carers have been around the difficulties of trying to home school, dilemmas about whether to return to school, emotional support with the sheer uncertainty of everything and loads more.

On a more practical level if you need any help filling in DLA/ PIP forms we can do this over the phone-it’s different but seems to be working!

We can still assist with grant applications, signposting to other services, general information giving etc, in fact if there’s anything just get in touch via advice line (0113 380 4300) and one of us will get back to you.

Best wishes,
Steph and Rachel