We understand that balancing work and care isn’t always easy. Here 10 top tips from our carer support workers that might help.

  1. Find someone sympathetic to talk to at work
  2. Know your rights at work, look at your internal policies around time off and flexible working
  3. Consider flexible working if that is an option
  4. Make sure backup is in place in case you have to leave work in a hurry, build a trusted team around you
  5. Be really organised both at work and at home
  6. Be ruthless with time management, review priority each day
  7. Ask for help, both at home and at work
  8. Do whatever you can to get a proper break for yourself
  9. Look after your own health
  10. Try to focus on the positive

For more information, advice & support, contact our advice line on 0113 380 4300.