Staff team

Senior management team
Val Hewison
Chief Executive
Siân Cartwright
Head of Health and Development
Beth Massey
Head of Finance and Resources
Steve Taylor
Head of Service Delivery

Operational management team
Kim Goulden
EA / Communications Manager
Tom Harris
Training and Evaluation Team Leader
Lisa McAvan
Dementia Service Team Leader
Rachel Moore
Advice Service Team Leader
Nikki Pattinson
Carer Engagement Team Leader

Office team
Valerie Banks
Volunteer Co-ordinator
Nashima Choudhury
Administration Assistant
Geoff Gibbs

ICT and Facilities Co-ordinator
Brenda James
Administration Assistant
Amy Johnson
Administration Assistant
Zaira Khanum
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Co-ordinator

Office based carer support
Stephen Hezlegrave
April Lee
Rachel Moore

Carers health support
Jo Foster

Support for carers of people with dementia
Lucy Collins
Lai Kwan
Lisa McAvan
Janice Newsome
Dawn Perkins
Fiona Porteous
Alison Smith

Bereaved carer support
Emma Pickering
Sue Sutton

Support for people affected by another person’s drug/alcohol use
Owen Findley
Kai Markanday
Eve Wilkinson

Hospital support
Lorraine Lumb

Support for carers of people with a learning disability
Elaine Wilkes
Hayley Burke
Trish Fisher
Nikki Grace

Support for carers of people with mental health issues
Elaine Wilkes
Hayley Burke
Trish Fisher
Nikki Grace

Young adult carer support
Farrah Afzal
Grace Purnell

Parent carer support
Rachel Court
Steph Ward

Support for carers of people with physical health problems
Carrie Grey

Working carer support
Madlen Sayar

Carer awareness training
Jo Jenner

Carers groups
Angela Thompson

Carers befriending
Aidan Finney

Carers connections



We’re pleased to be supported by over 50 volunteers. Find out more about our volunteering programme here: