How working carer friendly are you as an employer?

Evidence suggests that if you support your working carers there will be a direct positive impact on the organisation in terms of morale, employee retention, reduced stress, increased performance and the overall performance of the organisation.

Take this carer friendly self-assessment to see how supportive your organisation is.

Section one - Identification of working carers

1.1 - Is there clarity in the organisation about what is meant by the term “carer”?

1.2 - Is there a system in place to enable carers to recognise or identify themselves if they choose to:

a - through having a question about caring in employee surveys?
b - through specific employee surveys?
c - via the recruitment and induction process?
d - via employee appraisals or one to ones?
e - through a voluntary carers register?
f - Other methods? Please list if yes.

1.3 - Does your organisation know how many carers you have in the workforce through:

a - Asking employees if they have a caring role?
b - Using data of how many employees have reduced their hours because of caring roles?
c - Using data of how many employers have left the organisation because of caring roles?
d - Other methods? Please list if yes.

Section two - Carer policies and processes

2.1 - Are carers recognised within your organisations HR policies?

2.2 - Is there a statement visible to all employees which makes specific reference to supporting carers within the organisation?

2.3 - Is there knowledge of and adherence to the minimum statutory employment rights for working carers?

2.4 - Is there a carers policy in place or a separate section within HR policies which recognises carers as a specific group?

Section three - Workplace support

3.1 - Is information on external sources of support and services for carers available?

3.2 - Do you provide external advice and support sessions via Carers Leeds for individuals during working hours?

3.3 - What options are there to support your working carers :

a - Paid carers leave
b - Unpaid carers leave
c - Career breaks
d - Carers “passports”
e - Flexible working
f - Temporary part time working
g - Time off for appointments

3.4 - Can carers access other practical workplace support? Please list these.

Section four - Communication, awareness and training

4.1 - Are policies and workplace support options communicated to all levels of the workforce?

4.2a - Is awareness raising / training undertaken in the workplace for managers?

4.2b - Is awareness raising / training undertaken in the workplace for other employees?

4.3 - Does the organisation engage with other employers to share good practice and awareness of working carers?

Section Five - Peer support

5.1a - Are carers supported to communicate with other carers in online forums?

5.1b - Are carers supported to communicate with other carers in internal working carers forums?
5.1c - Are carers supported to communicate with other carers in another method? Please list.

5.2 - Are carers supported by and do they support other carers?

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