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The 2011 census informed us that there are over 71,500 people in Leeds who are providing unpaid care – 9.5% of the population. It also gave us the following information45,700 people care for between 1 – 19 hours per week

  • 45,700 people care for between 1 – 19 hours per week
  • 9,500 people care for between 20 – 49 hours per week
  • 16,500 people provide 50 hours or more of unpaid care per week.

The number of carers providing 20 plus hours per week is significantly increasing.

What Does Carers Leeds Do?

We offer information, advice, support and training to all adult carers in Leeds (aged 16 and above). We can help carers and professionals with information about welfare benefits, services, respite, carer’s breaks, social contact, health and wellbeing. The service is delivered in the following ways:

  • Telephone Advice Line – 0113 380 4300 Monday – Friday 9 – 4.30
  • Drop-in at offices on The Headrow – Monday – Friday 9.30 – 3.30
  • Appointments at the carer’s home, at Carers Leeds City Centre offices, or another another mutually agreed venue
  • Contact in health care settings, such as GPs or through Neighbourhood teams
  • Support to carers from BME communities
  • Specialist support for carers of people with
    • Dementia – at Carers Leeds; in hospital (Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust); In West Leeds CCG area; through training courses for carers
    • Mental health issues
    • Young Adult Carers – aged 16 – 25
    • Parent carers or families with a child with additional needs
  • Support for bereaved carers
  • Carers Assessments
  • Health and Wellbeing – information and advice for carers on looking after their own health, massage and other therapies
  • Carers Support Groups – Link to Support Groups leaflet
  • Events and training for carers:
    • different ways of getting a short break and peer support
    • Caring Well training – 8 sessions of training covering a broad spectrum of carers’ issues
  • Bi-monthly Newsletter – link to newsletter
  • Time for Carers – Fund to help carers get a break. The carer can apply for up to £250 once every 3 years – link to Time For Carers