Carers Connections

Carers connections is a service helping carers aged 50 and over to make social contacts and increase involvement in social activities.  We know from national research and our own experience that carers can become isolated and lonely as a result of their caring role.  Although many carers live with the person they care for, they still feel isolated, particularly if they have lost contact with friends and family and find it difficult to leave the home.

Who is it for?
• Carers who feel lonely or isolated.
• Carers who feel they have lost the confidence to meet new people or try new things.
• People whose loved one has moved into a care home or has died, who are looking to increase their social activities.
• Carers who struggle to get out due to their own health problems.
• Carers who feel they cannot leave the person they care for.

What can support carers connections offer?
• 1:1 support – either in person or by phone.
• Social activities with other carers who would also like more social contact.
• Information about local social activities or groups.
• Support to begin attending new activities or to find new hobbies/interests/like-minded people.
• Support in overcoming barriers to being able to take part in social activities.
• Support to use digital technology (such a smartphone or ipad) to keep in contact with family and friends or to reduce isolation in other ways (such as joining an online support forum).
• Support from a trained befriender, either in the local community or at home if getting out is a struggle. Befrienders can offer a listening ear and chance to talk about any worries. They can help find out what is happening in the local area.

To find out more or if you would like support from the service, please contact our advice line on 0113 380 4300.

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