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Welcome to carers Leeds

The home of support for all unpaid carers in Leeds

Are you helping a friend or family member due to their illness, disability, mental health issue or a substance misuse problem?
Yes? – Then you are one of 72,000 unpaid carers in Leeds.
And we are here to support you.

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Carers Speak Up!

Friday 25th November 2016
10:00 to 15:00

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Lunch Included
St George’s Centre, 60 Great George Street, LS1 3DL

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This year on Carers Rights Day speak up and take part in this exciting opportunity to discuss important issues for the future of carer Support services.

We will be bringing together a team of carer support experts, along with key leaders from health and social care and 100 carers to review the range of support available to carers in Leeds and look at improvements that can be made.

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What to expect on the day.

After 20 years of providing carer support, we have now adapted our services to meet growing demands of carers, now is the time to step back and make sure carers are getting the full range of support that they need.

Carers Leeds can’t do this alone, we need carers to speak up and take part in shaping support services for carers.


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Project ‘Speed Dating’ – getting information and giving feedback
Key speakers from Leeds Health and Social Care
‘Ask the Audience’ with live results
Refreshments available throughout the day
Lunch provided
Free Shuttle bus from Carers Leeds if required
Please RSVP asap to info@carersleeds.org.uk or telephone 0113 246 8338

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Keep up to date here

Our newsletter is received by over 9000 carers across Leeds.

You can read our latest newsletter here.

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