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Every Friday: From 11am until 1pm, at Carers Leeds.

Bat & Chat

Pop in any Friday for a fun game of ping-pong. It doesnt matter if you’re a ping-pong pro or a table tennis trainee, any carer or cared for person can attend. It’s free and no experience is required.

If ping pong isn’t really your thing, why not just come along and socialise instead, you can chat while the other people bat! It’s a great opportunity to get out, get some exercise, and meet people.


Saturday 08 Oct 2016: From 10:00 until 14:00, at Carers Leeds.

World mental health day event

Come and join the Carers Leeds team to celebrate world mental health day this weekend.

You can enjoy any or all of the following:

• Bat and chat
• Food, cakes and drinks
• Relaxed conversation
• Information about mental health
• Talk about mental health

Everyone is welcome – no need to book. Call Carers Leeds on 0113 246 8338 if you would like further information.



Starting Tuesday 04 Oct 2016 for 8 weeks: From 11:00 until 13:00 at Carers Leeds

Carers Healthy Living Programme

8 weeks – 8 workshops – Giving carers tips, tools and new ideas for healthy eating, getting active, managing stress and anxiety and staying healthy. 

Each week of the programme will have a different theme and you can pick any or every session.

Week 1 — Basics for Healthy Eating

Week 2 — Food Labelling 

Week 3 — Fats and Sugars

Week 4 — Portion Size

Week 5 — Physical Activity Benefits and Exercise Session

Week 6 — Brief Introduction to Alcohol and Smoking

Week 7 — Introduction to Mindfulness

Week 8 — Managing your Stress and Anxiety

To book your free place, contact Charissa Chester on 07398 173 322 or call the advice line on 0113 380 4300.


Thursday 13 Oct 2016: From 11:00 until 14:00, at Carers Leeds.

Time for Us Café – Manicure and Massage

The Central College of Health and Beauty, located in the heart of Leeds, will be making a return to the Time for Us Café to offer carers a light lunch and the following relaxing treatments:
Mini manicures – shaping and polishing of the nails with a hand and lower arm massage.
Shoulder and neck massage – a deep upper back, neck and shoulder massage to ease away tension.

Places are limited and booking is essential. To book your place contact Carers Leeds on 0113 246 8338.

Event bookings will be taken from 10am on Tuesday 23rd August.



Wednesday 19 Oct 2016: From 10:30 until 12:00, at Carers Leeds.

NEW!! Carers Café For Parents who are Caring for an Adult Child with a Life Limiting Condition

This Carers Café will give carers a chance to meet with other people in a similar position, to offer support to each other and look at services available.

If carers would like the Carers Café to be a regular support group, this could be developed too.

Look out for more information coming soon or contact Angie Thompson on 07854 481 011 to discuss further.


Coming soon…

Carers Health Walk

Come and join in the fun, discovering new places and meeting new people.

To register your interest for this new walking group, contact Charissa Chester on 07398 173 322.