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Our Carers Good Health service is delighted to present this series of free online zumba workout for carers. Join instructor Caz, have a wiggle and feel great!

You’re welcome at any or all of these 4 sessions:
Monday 08 June at 9.30am : Intro to Zumba
Saturday 13 June at 11am : Zumba
Tuesday 16 June at 5pm : Intro to Zumba
Friday 19 June at 9.30am : Zumba

The sessions are accessed over the internet via Zoom. To take part you will need access to a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Points to consider before attending:

  • Consult your doctor before taking out any form of exercise-particularly if you have an injury or health issue.
  • If you have not Zumba’d before maybe choose one of our intro sessions.
  • Make sure you have enough space to move and dance about.
  • Be mindful of flooring – be careful if taking the class on carpet.
  • Trainers are preferable for support to ankles.
  • Use your common sense throughout and don’t participate in anything that feels too demanding-marching on the spot will still be beneficial.
If you need support to get involved or you are interested but not able to make these times, just let us know.
To book or for details, contact: Jo Foster – jo.foster@carersleeds.org.uk