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Join Skippko for a creative taster session to find out about their new project:-

Are we there yet, women reflecting on women’

The project will enable women (and men) of all ages to tell their stories of how the lot of women has changed (or not changed) since women over the age of 30 were granted the vote in 1918.

With the support of Skippko and using creative art activities, we will be talking about women in Leeds during the time of the Suffrage movement, as well as looking in to the lives of women in your own families and community or sharing your own stories and experiences.

During the taster session you can discover some interesting facts about the suffragettes, add your thoughts to a timeline of events, have a go at a creative art activity and share your ideas for what the project should include.

This event is open to men and women.

For more information contact Cath Brooke from Skippko on 0113 2345355.

Leonora Cohen Leeds Suffragette, Born 1873 Hunslet