As our involvement in Carers Week 2018 comes to an end, let’s think about why our staff spent so much time and energy running around the city with bags full of leaflets, banners, sweets, dressed  in our legendary (?) blue T shirts.

We need everyone to know that if they’re looking after another person with health problems or disabilities, they’re a carer and they can get information, advice and support from Carers Leeds to help them in their caring role.  We need staff working in health services or social care to know this too and refer carers to us.  Carers do a fantastic job, usually with good grace and humour, but ….. Carers UK tells us:

  • 72% of carers say they have experienced mental health issues as a result of caring
  • 61% said their physical health had deteriorated
  • Over half of carers involved in their research said they expected their health and wellbeing to get worse.
  • 43% said they felt that their health will mean they will be able to provide less care or no care in the future.

And what is the main cause of stress for carers?  (This will be no surprise to our Support Work team)

  • Not getting enough sleep,
  • providing hands on care, and
  • managing financially.

Take a look at our most recent video about carers who use our service to learn more.

At an event today, 22 carers had talked to our staff by lunch time and we’re hoping to be in touch with plenty more tomorrow (Saturday) at our information stall on Briggate.

So let’s be aware of all the difficulties carers face, but let’s celebrate their amazing, selfless contribution to society.

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Helena Bladon, Development Manager